Hello friends,

Kindly help me to the funds for my Master’s Programme at the University of Derby, UK. I’m Reuben Okafor, a Law graduate of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology. I’m crowdfunding to raise the sum of £22,814 (N10,838,571) for my Master’s programme at the University of Derby. The fee broken thus: £12,700 (N6,033,570) for my tuition, £9,135 (N4,339,895) for living costs and £979 (N465,108) for travel costs. The cost of the programme outweighs my financial capability, as I’m a self-funding international student. I applied for the programme with the hopes of funding it through a full scholarship, but was not privileged to be awarded the scholarship. I only got a scholarship for £2,000 (N950,169) and there is still a huge gap for me.

I have also tried to apply for the Master’s Loans provided by the Student Finance Company but was told that I’m eligible for it since I am an international student. I also wrote the school to apply for bursaries, but was informed that there are no bursaries for the programme. I’m at a stage where the available options for me are to either discontinue from pursuing the programme or seek a financial support. It’s more challenging to me because I’m a self-funding student. This is quite a challenging time to ask for something like this, given the COVID-19 pandemic, but no support from you will be too small, and every single fund raised will be channeled to cover his tuition, maintenance, Visa and flight fees.

I have a strong passion for the programme and have written several articles such as “Addressing the Jurisdictional Issues in Cyberspace Space Transactions,” “Cybersecurity Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions” and “Adoption and Regulation of Cryptocurrencies in Africa,” to enlighten the public. However, I need to acquire more knowledge and skills so as to be able to contribute in developing policy and regulatory frameworks that will enhance economic growth and overall wealth creation in Africa. I have already developed a thesis topic which will focus on implementing laws that will ensure this.

To give back to society, I will be setting up a charitable trust in 2022 to be known as “Chinweolu Education Trust” where, as a start, 20% of my monthly wage will be put into supporting indigent students to access education and I aim to expand its reach in the near future to help as many people as I can reach. I believe that every child can access quality education if supported.

Your generous financial support will go a long way in helping me to achieve this set goals. You may also support me directly through the following Guaranty Trust Bank accounts if that will be easier for you:

USD: 0561944761
GBP: 0561944778
Naira: 0561281578

You may as well share the link with your contacts who might be willing to help, too.

Thank you so much.

My campaign name is “GetReubentoDerby”

Kind regards
Reuben Okafor