Funds for a better future


Hello everyone
First of all thank you for taking time to be here i really appreciate it.
My name is Tega, for a while now i have been trying to get into my desired college in spain but its been hard, but now i finally got admission though i have to learn the language first which am excited about.
I aim to become a computer engineer , going to college is something i have always wanted i firmly believe education is important and i’ve always wanted to see what life like outside my country so after highschool i worked myself to death i did all i could to save up just so i can pursue my dreams and achieve my goals.
Then covid came all the funds i had saved up i had to use to support myself during those harsh months, am currently unemployed due to the pandemic and my funds are not what they use to be.
That’s why am here to ask for your help and assistance no donation is too small, every donation counts to reaching my goals so i begg you please HELP ME!!! PLEASE.
Once again thank your for your time God bless