Fundraiser For Obolo People Online Project


On this faithful day precisely 6th july 2014, a thought came into my consciousness for the need to create a bridge between the Obolo People at home and those in the Diaspora.

So I started making some sketches, building up ideas on what to do and that’s how the name OBOLOPEOPLEONLINE was conceived.

The Project is a web portal (A Virtual Community) of the Obolo Ethnic Nationality of Rivers and Aiwa Ibom State in the South South part of Nigeria.

The Project tend to close the gap ;between the Obolo People at home and those in the Diaspora.

It will showcase the much Educative History of the Obolo People, our rich Culture/Tradition, Obolo Towns and Villages, The Traditional Rulership in Obololand, Obolo News Blog, Obolo Elites(Sons & Daughters of Obololand), (Obolo Online Language Learning Platform, Obolo Youths Social Network Platform etc.

This Project will not only connect the Obolo People at home but will take Obolo Land to Obolo Sons and Daughters abroad. By so doing Obolo Sons and Daughters born abroad can effectively learn to write, read and communicate with the indigenous Obolo Language of their fathers and will also serve as a reference point for educational purposes.

Since 6 years ago the idea of this project was conceived, I still carry that conception despite passionate appeals to Politicians, Captains of industries and other privileged Obolo People who actually welcome and appreciate the idea behind the project and the good it will do for the Obolo People, most of them pledges their support but it all ended in unfulfilled promises.

Hence the reasons for this appeal and support for me to bring this project to reality.

For all this period, I ve been managing on my own to makes things work out as planned but is tough due to the cost.

The cost implication of the project is USD 10500 (3,990,000 in our local currency). This cost covers all the tools, services and logistics needed ( HP Omen 15 server, Portal Design, Programming, Database Design, Multimedia/Gallery/Graphics, SEO, Canon LXUS Camera, Web Security and Hosting, Office Space. Due to the geographical terrain for which most of the communities will covered by boat, the cost include logistics for material sourcing for the sake of actual details.

With the mentality of WE CAN DO IT, I had to bring this fundraiser to the good and well meaning people of Obolo, Nigerians and even those kind hearted individuals outside this country to assist me make this project a reality.

Your assistance and support will not go in vain because every one contribution will channel to make this project work.

I really do want to THANK everyone of you who will in one way or the other to make donations for this project as nothing is too small even it’s just a dollar or naira, it will go along way in fulfillment of this project.