The team comprises of 5 Nigerian undergraduates of Bowen University having as our central objective the creation of innovative solutions channelled towards achieving two out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable development goals with the Iwo community, a local government area in Osun state, Nigeria as our primary location. The two goals include goals 3 and 10 named Good health and well being and Reducing inequalities respectively.

The project implementation is prompted by identified problems causing poor healthy living in Iwo, one of which includes inadequate health facilities as Iwo has only one operating general hospital with 30 dysfunctional primary health care centres saddled with the responsibility of catering for over 263,000 people. Other issues include the lack of health care personnel in the community with an average of 1 doctor attending to about 24,000 people, low education, poor standard of living and ignorance of infectious diseases.

The crux of our project is to use qualitative and quantitative methods to solve some of the problems aforementioned. It starts by identifying through medical surveys the diseases Iwo residents are vulnerable to create “human-centred solutions” which will include performing free medical tests and distributing mosquito nets alongside malaria repellents for about 300 Iwo inhabitants. This reduces inequality by granting the poor, access to what could normally not be afforded as it also ameliorates the mortality rate. Also, we would advocate for proper health care facilities, create awareness concerning prominent health challenges and offer ways to prevent them using the medical outreach, social media, visitations, and letter writing as major tools.