Fashionista Naija is an online store that deals mainly in fashion (male and female), household and automobile accessories; health and beauty and other related products. We bring irresistible and trendy products to a rapidly-growing Nigerian e-commerce market. We deliver our products right at the doorsteps of our customers and they only pay after the items have been delivered to them, helping us to be a step ahead of our competition and quelling a serious customer concern. Also, we want to belong to the very few (like Jumia and Konga) in our market that deliver between 3-5 days. The beauty of the ecommerce model is that goods are only delivered when the have been ordered for, greatly minimizing losses. Customers are sourced mainly through Facebook and Google advertisements. We are greatly motivated to be a key name in this fast emerging market, therefore we we ensure to bring the latest brands and innovative tech to our customers at a very affordable rate. Since most of our products are delivered within 5 days, coupled with the innovativeness and affordability of our products, it’s a matter of time before our brand is a household name in the country.
We are have been dedicated to building this busines, such that we have fully developed our website (though currently suspended) and have clients to fulfil to (which we acquired through Facebook advertisements). Unfortunately, this rapid progress was halted because we ran out of finance, mainly to fulfil orders, renew our store’s hosting and further advertisements. We are therefore calling out for an investor to expand the delivery of our core using advertisements and subsequent fulfilment of the orders we would be getting there from.
It might also interest you to know that Fashionista Naija is part of a greater plan to raise 1000 e-commerce entrepreneurs in 5 years through a similar platform as Amazon and Jumia, though of course with many features to suit the demands of Nigeria’s businessmen and women.


Thomas Galu: A young man who loves fashion a lot, and general well being as well. He has been a part of ecommerce business for more than two years and has dedicated a lot of time and resources on e-commerce courses. He has also been very interested in the fashion trends in his country. Other than that, he is a solution and detail oriented person. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy
AliExpress: AliExpress ( is one of the biggest players in the e-commerce industry worldwide. Their enormous list of supplies will serve as the source of our products.
ChrisVicMall: ChrisVicMall(ChrisVicMall) will handle the shipping of products from China (AliExpress) to Nigeria. Their speed (2-3) and general service quality is remarkable.

CourierPlus Logistics: CourierPlus Logistics ( handles the delivery of goods within the country. They are renowned for their timeliness and credibility.

Mary Aer: Has a degree in mass communication. And also a certificate course in Customer Service and has five years experience in the aforementioned field.