Educational Assistance


Short summary about my life and understanding

I’m Abiodun Adeosun,  a striving youth who choose to be different.

I deduce somethings about youth I will like to share;
As a youth when we focus on self-esteem, we tend to get caught up in comparing ourselves to others, In particular, often sense an imaginary audience (i.e., “Everyone is looking at me!”) and can become highly sensitized to who they are relative to everyone around them.
Instagram and other social media platforms don’t necessarily help. Some research suggests an association between social media and depression, anxiety, loneliness, and FoMO (fear of missing out) among others  Their posts may not rack up the number of “likes” that their friends posts do, or they may feel excluded when they see pictures of classmates happily spending time together without them.

These are the things that makes us neglect what we have to do, it gives us mentality that school is scam but we forget education is not a scam.

What I Need

I need Narionwide support, because I believe my knowledge will take me to a greater place, I have no other option than to seek for more knowledge.

I love to make research, I have passion for education. I want to be the best in my field

I hope to impact on others with what I achieve in the nearest future, I have the goal of becoming a mentor, adviser, speaker and an influencer.


The major challenge I face is non availability of support, I don’t have means to borrow enough money for some project I want to execute but I borrow little which is not later useful for the purpose due to other challenges in the country.  Family challenges and the likes.