Cry of a poor child


I’m Sylvie Chinaecherem Obiakor, daughter to Mr and Mrs Obiakor, first child out of 6 children…. I love acting, reading and love helping others, I’ve always wanted to become a nurse. I really need help, I’m very ill, suffering from a lung disease but that’s not my main problem…I want to become a graduate and be able to help my family and siblings….I really want to be part of the upcoming GCE exams with other children which will soon commence immediately after NECO exams, I have be unable to register, it will soon end by next week…. My parent can’t afford all, my dad is an architect but there have been no job for him for the past four years now, he can do any kind of job if he sees any, while my Mom is a petty trader taking care of all of we six children…. please help me.