War and strife have been an integral problem over the last two decades in Nigeria, the fact that religious differences produce hatred and intolerance is never in doubt. Over the years, the religious crisis has been a reoccurring decimal and every effort to promote unity. peace and progress in a multi-ethnic and religious society as we have in Nigeria has defied all known solutions.

The money will be used to achieve the following:
1. Peaceful and prosperous continent free from war and strife through cogent research for conflict management and through consistent planning for the spread and awareness of the just peace theory for proper governance strengthened foreign policy and diplomacy.

2. Initiating peace and humanity in the heart of all through the widespread of truth and common understanding towards religious, political and ethnic tolerance.

3. Delivering relief materials to reinstall hope and shelter to aid the displaced and distressed through established rehabilitation centers and processes in favor of the stranded Nigerian child.

We believe that this cause is a worthy one, and it will do a great deal of good for many people most especially the future generations to come in Nigeria. With our goals, children will gain access to a beautiful life and grown, rest of mind. 

We would be excited to get the help from you to make this project a substantive one leading to substantial benefits in the short, medium and long term.