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The construction of a project of this magnitude requires much funds and expertise. But we’re trusting that through your support it will be completed in record time and serve the humanitarian purpose for which it’s meant for.

Construction and Equipping of Ephettahype Free Medical/Healthcare Facility

by Ik O

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Nigeria, United States (US)

Ik O

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Like the ancient Chinese saying goes, ‘Mankind is one Organic Family’. And the only time we’re really fulfilled in this life is when we’re able to help each other, care for each other and assist in making life a lot easier and better for all and sundry, in tandem with our abilities and resources.

After partnering with volunteers on a religious/medical mission to Nigeria, West Africa. We observed in utter dismay that delivery and access to healthcare in so many facets there, require attention and immediate improvement/innovation. However, we came together as one body with a common goal to reach out globally for support to this objective. The first step towards this goal being, the construction of a multi-functional Medical/Healthcare Facility which will deliver free medical services to the majority and also those that can’t afford quality treatment overseas.

We are a group of professionals, who have come together with the common interest to undertake and pioneer this noble cause to the Glory of God Almighty. We have Doctors, Nurses, the religious, Entrepreneurs, Engineers etc. in our team. We are hereby calling out to all you Brothers and Sisters, to come join us. With your financial support, advice, even a mere spreading the word with your social media presence etc., to aid our success.
We appreciate you all. More Blessings to you as you donate.


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