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Zinarihyadavis is a Naturally born Fashion illustrator which along time she evolved as the years grew by and had always dreamed of bringing these designs to life for years right now, it’s been hard for the CEO but she has never viewed quitting as an option.
Elle-Fab is shortened from the French words “Elle est fabulous” which translates “she is fabulous” but shortened to create the name which describes the brand. Therefore Elle-Fab by Zinarihyadavis is gotten from the French words “Elle”meaning “She” and “Fab” which is shortened from the word fabulous.

Elle-Fab is a Couture line, which a lot of brands don’t really understand the difference between “BeSpoke and Couture” and that’s what the Brand Elle-Fab is about to use its creativity to define it, most especially to Africans because most Africans as a matter of fact, not just Africans only, really don’t know how and what differentiates “Couture from BeSpoke”.

Elle-Fab is a Dream that CEO Zinarihyadavis has held on to since she was 16 and strongly believes would tell the world the greatness and creativity Nigerians have in them eventually because this brand would surely grow globally and walk the Grammys, the CEO Believes.
Zinarihyadavis has had a dream of building an empire that would speak to to the whole globe and convince yet make them realize that NIGERIA is Great and would get there if the creative minds and potential entrepreneurs have the support they need from either
:donations etc
But in our beloved country all these are hard to come by hence the struggle and eventually great ideas from great minds die, I see the future of Elle-Fab and future looks bright. Elle-Fab by Zinarihyadavis needs the following to build the brand and make this dream come true.

-Office space in Abuja (which would serve as the workshop, showroom and should be at least comfortable for the workers when they need to rest, an average Space in Karu Abuja, to be precise should cost about N350,000 (at least) = N350,000

-I intend to Employ at least two tailor for starters) to be paid N35,000 each = N70,000 (monthly)

-Fabrics (vary depending on type, fabrics range from N4000 to at least N40,000 for an average yet good fabric, but for starts, the brand Zinarihyadavis would like to use average materials for at least N10,000 each so the brand would build from recommendations as per quality because Zinarihyadavis is not a “Bespoke brand, it’s a “Couture” which is made to fit and specially created out of originality and quality) N10,000/Fabric x 10 = N100,000

-Sewing Machines (Industrial machines cost at least N95,000 per one, while embroidery machine cost at least N70,000) These two machines are essential.
Total = N165,000

-Sewing accessories (Threads, needles, tapes at other essentials) which an average kit would cost N51,510 Jumia price) = N51,510

-Full body Mannequins vary from N44,000/N59,000 while half body mannequin costs N17,000 which at least 1 Full body average mannequin is N44,000 and one half body is N17,000 so at least an average 2 (Full body and Half body) are essential = N61,000

-CAC brand; company name registration (which my lawyer said to collect N85,000) This I am already taking care of, even though there’s an outstanding of N40,000

-Packaging (logo, labels, paper bags, complimentary cards, letter head etc) N70,000 – N100,000) = N100,000
Which I’m also working on that, paid my company graphic artist N50,000 with Outstanding of N50,000 (which we are still negotiating) = N50,000

-Online publicity won’t cost too much, but it’s also pretty essential, because you’d be surprised how fast the media works. (I’m still doing my research on how much it’s cos for PR)

Total cost to start up “Elle-Fab by ZinarihyaDavis”

amounts to = N1,057,000
Which is “one million and 57 thousand naira only”

Every other thing, Zinarihyadavis would try her possibly best to take care of it by herself.

Thank you for reading this, kind regards,
CEO Elle-Fab by: Zinarihyadavis


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