Business training


I’m an undergraduate student of the University of Calabar and a passionate business inclined young man.
During the CoronaVirus pandemic, I enrolled in two digital skills (Bitcoin trading on Binance and Forex trading on Meta5 trader). I’m done with the Bitcoin trade training already while the other is remaining the advance class(Master class). I managed to pay for the Bitcoin trading training and got certified but I have not started trading due to lack of start up capital which is Fourteen thousand naira.

I’m more interested in the Forex trading than the Bitcoin trading as it fetches much profit. But I need the sum of Thirty thousand naira to start up the Forex trading. My tutor gave me the free beginners class on volatility trading and I’m now trading with a demo account which I am doing well in. He told me that for me to move to the master class and be able to be trading that I have to pay him the sum of twenty thousand naira and that the minimum start up capital is ten thousand naira. I’ll use 20 thousand naira for the master class training then use the remaining 10 thousand to start up trading. My tutor is really a good one and he is raking huge profits daily