Bolaji’s Fearless Fight


Bolaji is 13year old. His heart developed a pump failure due to an irreversible muscle damage and is in need of a heart transplant.

Bolaji has been on medication, but despite therapy his heart muscle function continues to deteriorate and is in urgent need of a heart transplant surgery.

Bolaji comes from a family of 6, unfortunately his father passed away 4 months ago in Lagos State due to corona virus as he wasn’t able to go home to his family before the interstate lockdown in Nigeria.

This family is going through though times and Bolaji’s mum is having a hard time caring for her family alongside the huge medical expenses needed for Bolaji’s surgery.

Bolaji is a high school freshman with dreams to study biomedical science and hopes to dedicate his life to the field of science and work on research projects that can help support diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

Bolaji is a smart and intelligent boy, he is a fighter, a goal getter and a determined child with so much passion and zeal for what he loves.

Please help Bolaji achieve his dreams. Let’s work together to save this little fighter, kindly donate and spread word.