Short Summary
With wide spread poverty and unemployment in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, I have always been moved by frustration of micro-small business owner, artisan and soaring population of unemployed to access micro-credit to start and expand their means of livelihood or to finance micro start-up business idea, it is tough and difficult accessing micro- credit from traditional financial institution as conditions and requirement are beyond such micro business.

I want to birth a start-up platform that will provide access to short term loan for small business owner, artisans, start-ups, women and youth.

Funding this dream will deepen access to credit by hitherto deprived thereby creating employment, poverty reduction , reduce crime rate and other social vices and expand social economic activity in the immediate environ and the country at large

What We Need & What You Get
Small businesses are often faced with funding challenges in developing economies which constraints their growth and long term survival

The planned micro-credit institution will provide short term loan and seed capital or social capital to the following:

· Small business owner.-for business expansion

· Women and youth- To start a trade, vocation or micro business

· Artisans- To finance important trade asset or tools.

· People in paid employment who require short term finance bridges.

Our goal is as follows

Self-sufficiency for talented youths and women entrepreneurs
Breaking of the cycle of poverty
Facilitation and encouragement of the entrepreneurial spirit in the quest for self-sufficiency
Empowerment and self sustenance
Economic expansion and growth creating unlimited possibilities for all members of a community including, youth and women
The amount to be lent out will range between N10,000 and N50,000 with repayment tenor between one (1) month to Three (3) month. The loan will require minimum documentation and requirement. However controls will be put in place to ensure such loans are properly channeled to achieve desired result. Minimal interest will be charged which is expected to cover operation cost after one year of operation

The total requirement will be N10,000,000 .Out of this N7,000,000 will be for cash stock ( to be lent out) while N3,000,000 will fund working capital such as start-up expenses regulatory requirement, operational expenses.

We will actively be providing financial and business advisory for small scale business in the areas of personal finance, culture of savings, budget etc.

The Impact
By contributing to this project contributors will directly and indirectly be:

· Improving the living condition of people in the lower ladder of the society, they can provide for there need, family need, send their children to school and afford them a brighter future

· Create job opportunities thereby reducing crime and other social menace

· Provide hope for people who may not have access to traditional financial institution to contribute to economic expansion of the country