Hello there, Good Day. My name is Ihebuzo Victoria (Vicky Lonia), I am a serial Entrepreneur, Media Expert, among other things. Yes I am a business woman, but I am also a Humanitarian, and that is the most important part as far as this message is concerned.

Few days ago, I saw a child going to school. Good huh? Yes, but he was carrying his books in his hands. And as he was trying to cross a puddle, the books fell into the water and he immediately started crying. Now this pierced my heart. I rushed up to him, helped him pick his books up, tried to savage what I could. I asked him of his school bag, he said he had none. Further investigation revealed that he was an orphan, living in an Orphanage home, and that there was no money to buy school bags for him and about 150 other children there. I met with the authorities, and they said they could barely afford funds for feeding and school fees, so buying a school bag for every child was out of the equation. I was touched. Immediately, I went to the nearest market and bought 5 school bags, each cost 2,000 naira. The smile on their faces were priceless. I left the place in tears, but I made a resolve to do something better than I had done.

Now, there are thousands of Orphanage Homes in Nigeria and in Africa. And at about 95% of the children who have managed to get into school don’t have school bags. A school bag is one of the prides of a child. Shows seriousness, organization and smartness. It also releases stress of carrying books in hand.

Be the reason an orphan child has a school bag today. How? It’s simple. THE VICKY LONIA FOUNDATION has come up with an “A SCHOOL BAG, A CHILD FUND CAMPAIGN”. All you need to do is donate a token. Nothing is too small. Your N1 can do wonders! And because of you, a child will not cry over a School Bag again.

We have a target of N2,000,000 (two million naira). This can afford us about 1000 school bags for 1000 kids. Let’s start from there first.

You can donate directly into our account 1015575112, VICKY LONIA NETWORKS, Zenith Bank. Or you can follow the link below. You can call 08139363906 for more information.

I urge you to do this for a child, and your blessings from God, shall come in millions of folds. God bless you as you donate to us. Thank you.