My name is Olusegun Damilola Adeola, I’m 25 years old, from Ondo state.
I came from the family of Mr and Mrs Olusegun Emmanuel whose their main occupation is farming. My father have 9 children which I happened to be the 8th child. Two (2) of my sisters and my younger brother are deaf, also one of my brother is facing mental problem when he finished secondary school. My father could not afford to send us to a good school because he was so poor. I happened to be the only person in my family to get admission into university in my entire family but unfortunately, after 200l I could not proceed in my education due to how situation is at that time. My parent are very poor and my brothers and sisters are also poor because 6 of them are unemployed and two of them could only manage to get average job to earn for a living.
Despite the hardship I am facing, I didn’t relent so, I proceed into business world because I have been learning about business after my secondary school to my university days. I borrowed N130,000 from a friend and start up cocoa chemical business, the first year went successfully not until my family members realize that I am making it in business and unfortunately for me not knowing that the worst is about to come. The problem started in this year 2019, when everything started to turn bad for me, at first I thought that it was normal to loose several money in the business until I could no longer feed myself, all my business collapse and led me into debt of N270,000. Things is very hard for me so I went ahead to prayed about it, and I realize that the attack is from my family. I am even warned that if I go home that I will be killed, said by 3 different prophets of God. So I went for deliverance and pray earnestly about the situation but the debt is still there, I have to repay all the debt or else I will be jailed.
I wrote this letter of request to ask for the financial help of the whole world to help me out in the financial debt that I’m into right now. I am pleading the whole world in the name of Jesus to help me financially to settle all my debts, this debt is more than my power to bare, I have even thought of committing suicide until I realize the love of Christ for my life. I don’t have anyone to run to, but unto Jesus only and I believe that Jesus will use his people to help me out of this problem.
No amount of money is too small to offer as a sacrifice of help, I will really appreciate. Thank you and God bless you all.