The Crater Literary Festival is an annual gathering of writers, readers, publishers, artists and art aficionados in Enugu, South-east Nigeria. The Crater Literary Festival features a variety of presentations, workshops, art exhibitions and readings by authors, spoken word artists, poets, and theatre group.

South East Nigeria  has a strong community of  creatives (writers, artists, poets, literary art aficionados,  e.t.c.) and the Crater Literary Festival serves as a single annual event which brings them together for the purpose of:

promoting  budding local creatives,
 connecting  them with established creatives  for mentorship and networking opportunities.
2018 Crater Literary Festival is the 2nd edition  which will hold on the 7th-8th of December at the Conference room of the National Library, Enugu.

To encourage participation, we keep our festival open and free, which means we write grant proposals, pitch our ideas to businesses in order to secure sponsorship. Unfortunately, the feedback hasn’t been encouraging − but the show must go on.

It is for this reason that we seek the support of the wider community in order to cover our operational cost for the festival. Our budget for this year is Four Hundred and Sixty-Five Thousand Naira (N465,000 0r $1283)

The theme of this year’s festival is Landscape of Creativity. Panel discussions and conversations will revolve around the role of creativity in national development and practical ideas on how to boost the creative industry in  south east Nigeria.

And because the demography of our festival attendees cut across every age and class, we are able to make a difference by igniting or reigniting the reading culture and appreciation for the literary arts.

With your support, we will continue to provide the quality programming our festival attendees have  come to expect and enjoy.

Therefore, I appeal to you to give whatever you can. Even if it’s the smallest amount, we’ll make the donations  go a long way.

Thanks again for your ongoing commitment and support for the literary arts. I appreciate it. Together we’ve made a difference. Thank you.

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For inquiries, support/sponsorship, please call +2348060011469 or email us at [email protected]

Thank you so much and God bless you as you give.

Adachukwu Onwudiwe

Festival Manager